Talk on “Startups and Entrepreneurship”

Mr. Sharad Tandale was awarded the YBI Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the year 2013.
Sharad, who comes from an economically marginalized farming community, turned a $20,000 loan in 2011 into an engineering company boasting a $500,000 annual turnover. Sharad’s success is rare: less than 1% of people in his farming community, the Vanjari, start businesses. Sharad’s family opposed his entrepreneurial ideas but, with the help of a government scholarship, he got an Engineering degree from a rural institute.

Title of Talk: Entrepreneurship and its Challenges
Synopsis: Challenges in entrepreneurship, motivation for his startup, challenges faced by Sharad, how he overcame those challenges. Government initiatives for entrepreneurs, startup ideas, tax issues. He focused on how to get ideas for startups from real life and how to turn an idea into a reality.

The talk was organized on August 26, 2016.