Talk on “Career Planning”

Dr. Navin Kabra, an ACM Eminent Speaker, is a co-founder and CTO at, a software startup, and the creator of, a portal for the tech community in Pune, India. In the past, he has worked for large companies, and small; seen a successful exit, and a dot-com failure; written consumer software and enterprise software; and been a developer and manager. He has done his Ph.D. with David DeWitt in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin.

Title of Talk: MS, MBA, or Job: Planning Your Career
Synopsis: Should you take a job after graduating, or go for higher studies? Should you go for an MBA or an MS/MTech? If you’re doing a job, how to choose the right company/role? What’s the difference between a startup job, a small company job, and a large company/ MNC job? What’s the difference between a services company job and a product company job?
He will attempt to throw some light on how to think about all these options so that you will pick one that makes the most sense to you.

The talk was organized on August 26, 2016.