Member Benefits

Individuals who are members of Chapters are known as ACM Chapter Members. ACM Chapter Members are eligible for the following set of member benefits:

  • Complimentary Subscription to Communications – Chapter Members are eligible for a three-month complimentary electronic subscription to ACM’s flagship publication Communications of the ACM.
  • email address – Chapter members are eligible for an “” email forwarding address with filtering.
  • Receipt of ACM’s Popular E-Newsletters – TechNews, the latest news in computing, 3x weekly; CareerNews, the latest career and industry news, bi-monthly; and MemberNet, all about ACM people and events monthly.
  • A full-year electronic subscription to XRDS, ACM’s Student Magazine
  • ACM Student Quick Takes (SQT) a quarterly email newsletter with each issue highlighting ACM activities, programs, and offerings of interest.

Apart from these benefits, ACM Student members also enjoy these benefits:

  • A vast network of nearly 100,000 highly dedicated student and professional peers
  • ACM’s Career & Job Center, where you will find targeted job opportunities and more
  • The opportunity to join one or more of ACM’s Special Interest Groups in 37 specialty areas of IT
  • Unique volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the marketplace
  • Learning Center with resources for lifelong learning, including online courses targeted toward essential IT skills and popular certifications; online books & videos from Skillsoft®, online books from Safari®, Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress; videos and webinars on hot topics, presented by today’s innovators, as well as Tech Packs
  • The option to subscribe to the full ACM Digital Library, which includes over 2 million pages of text
  • A full-year electronic subscription to monthly MemberNet newsletter
  • TechNews (ACM’s tri-weekly email IT news digest)
  • Ubiquity, ACM’s IT opinion magazine and forum, and eLearn, ACM’s magazine dedicated to distance education
  • Participation in ACM Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP)
  • Discounts on subscriptions to ACM journals, magazines, books, and conferences
  • Special discounts and access to valuable products and services through the ACM’s Insurance and Discounts and Special Offers programs