Seminar on “Linux Shell, Pointers and Sorting Basics”.

PASC members organized a seminar on “Linux Shell, Pointers and Sorting Basics” on September 6, 2016. This was a 2-hour seminar, which was attended by approximately 120 students. Topics discussed in the seminar were: 1. Basics of Linux. 2. Basics of Shell and Shell commands. 3. Basics of C and C++. 4. Pointer Basics. 5. […]

Talk on “Startups and Entrepreneurship”

Mr. Sharad Tandale was awarded the YBI Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the year 2013. Sharad, who comes from an economically marginalized farming community, turned a $20,000 loan in 2011 into an engineering company boasting a $500,000 annual turnover. Sharad’s success is rare: less than 1% of people in his farming community, the […]

Talk on “Theory of Computation”

Mr. Vivek Kulkarni, an ACM Eminent Speaker, is currently working as Chief Architect in Persistent LABS. He has a total experience of 20+ years in academia and software industry. He has served as a subject chairman for multiple subjects for the Board of Computer Engineering, University of Pune in the past. He holds an international […]

Talk on “Career Planning”

Dr. Navin Kabra, an ACM Eminent Speaker, is a co-founder and CTO at, a software startup, and the creator of, a portal for the tech community in Pune, India. In the past, he has worked for large companies, and small; seen a successful exit, and a dot-com failure; written consumer software and enterprise […]

Workshop on Ethical Hacking

With the increased numbers and expanding knowledge of Ethical Hackers and alike, combined with the growing number of system vulnerabilities, protecting our systems and fighting against cyber crime is absolutely critical. This Ethical Hacking workshop will show you what it takes to fight the hacker shenanigans and cyber crime. The event was conducted during Pulzion […]

Mad Ads

Mad Ads is a fun event where participants will have to enact the entities in any advertisement (as seen on TV) attempting to advertise whichever product they are given. The event has two rounds. In the first round, participants are given the product a day before the event, which they have to advertise the next […]